Trendy colors in lingerie for 2024

In the world of fashion, lingerie plays a much more important role than that of simple functional underwear. It has become a means of self-expression, an affirmation of one's personality and self-confidence. For the year 2024, lingerie trends oscillate between timeless elegance and contemporary audacity, offering a palette rich in emotions and sensations. From lush hues of emerald green to captivating shades of inky blue, each color chosen for our underwear tells a story, capturing moments of passion, romance and mystery. In this article, we will explore the trendy colors that will light up lingerie drawers this year, inspiring confidence and seduction in those who wear them.

Emerald green: Luxury and natural

Emerald green, a symbol of luxury and refinement, is a color that remains essential in lingerie for the year 2024. Associated with nature, it evokes freshness and vitality. Emerald green lingerie sets come in soft and silky materials, highlighting the natural beauty of the skin. This color is ideal for those looking for a balance between sophistication and comfort.

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Powder pink: Softness and romance

Powder pink continues to seduce in 2024, offering a touch of softness and romance to lingerie. This delicate shade adapts to all skin types and evokes femininity in all its splendor. Whether in the form of a lace bra or a floaty nightie, powder pink remains a go-to option for those who want to feel both elegant and comfortable.

Sunny yellow: Radiance and optimism

In 2024, sunny yellow stands out as a bold and radiant color in lingerie. Evoking warmth and joy of life, yellow brings a touch of brightness and optimism to the intimate wardrobe. Whether in small touches on lace underwear or in full version for a more assertive ensemble, sunny yellow is definitely a trendy color for those who dare to shine.

Lemon drop - PANTONE® 12-0736 TCX

Intense black: Timeless elegance

Black remains a sure value when it comes to lingerie, and this is not about to change in 2024. Synonymous with timeless elegance and sensuality, black enhances all silhouettes and adapts to all styles. From delicate lace sets to bolder pieces with cutouts and embellishments, black remains a versatile option for those looking for lingerie that's both classic and sexy.

Ink blue: Mystery and seduction

Ink blue makes its notable entry into the 2024 lingerie trends, bringing a touch of mystery and seduction. Deep and captivating, it evokes starry nights and well-kept secrets. Ink blue lingerie sets stand out for their subtle elegance and captivating sensuality, making this color an ideal choice for those who want to captivate attention.

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Inspired by New York Fashion Week 2024: Colors that make a splash

New York Fashion Week has long been a major source of inspiration for fashion trends, including lingerie. In 2024, the shows highlighted several colors that capture the imagination and dictate lingerie trends for the season to come.

Incandescent red : Passion and power

Incandescent red was one of the standout colors of New York Fashion Week 2024. Evoking passion and power, this bold hue took over the runways, setting the tone for lingerie collections to come. From bright red satin bra and panty sets to scarlet lace babydolls, incandescent red promises to add a dose of sensuality and self-confidence to the intimate wardrobe.

New York Fashion Week: three trends to remember for fall-winter 2024

Deep purple: Elegance and mystery

Deep purple was also in the spotlight during New York Fashion Week 2024, bringing a touch of elegance and mystery to the shows. This rich, sophisticated color comes in a variety of shades, from royal purple to deep crimson, offering an endless palette of options for lingerie. From velvet sets to silk pieces, deep purple promises to add a touch of luxury and seduction to this season's lingerie.

Bright white: Purity and freshness

Contrasting with rich and bold hues, bright white made a notable appearance on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week 2024. Evoking purity and freshness, white stood out in delicate and refined silhouettes, highlighting value the natural beauty of the body. From white lace lingerie sets to floaty babydolls, crisp white promises to bring a touch of grace and sophistication to the intimate wardrobe.

Chocolate brown: Warmth and comfort

Finally, chocolate brown was a surprising but well-received color during New York Fashion Week 2024. Evoking warmth and comfort, this rich and enveloping shade stood out in luxurious and sensual pieces. From chocolate brown satin lingerie sets to padded cup bras, chocolate brown promises to add a touch of comfort and sensuality to this season's lingerie.

PANTONE 19-1432 TCX Chocolate Fondant

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Seasonal palette: Trendy spring/summer and fall/winter colors


This spring and summer, New York Fashion Week showcased a palette of fresh, vibrant colors, inspired by nature in full bloom. Shades of “Water Mint” (Pantone 12-5600), “Rose Sorbet” (Pantone 13-2803) and “Serenity Blue” (Pantone 14-4313) dominated the catwalks, offering a feeling of lightness and joy. These pastel colors, often associated with softness and femininity, translate perfectly into lingerie, adding a touch of freshness and romance to the intimate wardrobe.

Autumn winter :

For fall and winter, New York Fashion Week showcased richer, deeper colors, inspired by the changing landscapes of the season. Hues of “Bordeaux” (Pantone 19-1526), ​​“Midnight Blue” (Pantone 19-3923) and “Slate Gray” (Pantone 18-4217) dominated the shows, evoking an atmosphere of mystery and sophistication. These intense and warm colors lend themselves perfectly to winter lingerie, adding a touch of luxury and seduction to each piece.

Lingerie 2024: Express your style with confidence and elegance

In conclusion, the year 2024 promises to be an exciting time for lingerie, where colors become powerful tools to express individuality and sensuality. Whether you opt for the luxury of emerald green, the softness of powder pink, the radiance of sunny yellow, the timeless elegance of black, or the mystery of ink blue, your choice of lingerie reflects your style and your attitude towards life . With such a diverse palette, everyone can find the color that suits them, raising their level of confidence and comfort. By embracing these trends, we celebrate not only the beauty of our bodies, but also the strength of our minds, asserting our place in the world boldly and elegantly.

March 13, 2024


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