I don't know about you, but I LOVE listening to podcasts. Whether it's while working, in the car, walking in the stroller with Mr. Lincoln, relaxing in the sun on a beautiful Sunday, any time is a good time to put one in my ears. For me, it's an accessible way to learn about a variety of subjects and in a more interactive way than a book.

Today I'm sharing with you my favorite podcasts and episodes that allowed me to learn more about the world of entrepreneurship. I listened to different speeches and paths of entrepreneurs (because we all have a unique profile and path - it's like childbirth, no two stories are the same!), different subjects ( marketing, financial strategies, use of social media, stress management, personal-professional life coordination, and so on), and all of them have given me a little extra that has made me grow as an entrepreneur.

Journal of an Entrepreneur - By Julien Haroun, co-owner of Believe supplements.

Absolutely all of its episodes are interesting. These are short episodes presenting a multitude of entrepreneurial aspects. He shares his journey as an entrepreneur (episode 34, 35 and 36), his good and bad times, his recommendations on several levels, interesting tools to use in his business, he even discusses stress management (episode 7). In short, it’s a good motivator and a good reference when necessary!

A girl in business - By Mélissa Lévesque, owner of the marketing agency La Mallette.

This one talks about entrepreneurship, but from a female point of view. I would say it's a bit more gentle approach and marketing advice. An excellent reference in terms of marketing agency as well. Podcast with transparency and sound advice to store in your entrepreneur's briefcase.

Women in Business - By Lia Ferranti (founder of the production house À La Trois Media) & Sandrine Royer-Labelle

This podcast highlights the journey of different Quebec women leaders. They discuss in depth the journey of each guest, the issues they faced throughout it and the place these women occupy in today's business world. Rich and enriching exchanges. My favorite episode - Episode 17 with Florence and Marjolaine Ferron from Maison Lavande.

The GaryVee Audio Experience - By Gary Vaynerchuk, American entrepreneur-author-speaker.

English-speaking podcast. This man has quite the baggage behind his tie as a businessman. This podcast is a mix of several different types of segments. It covers various subjects including marketing, entrepreneurship and wellness.

Marketing School - Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips - By Eric Siu & Neil Patel.

English-speaking podcast. Very short episodes (5 minutes on average) filled with tips and tricks on marketing. If you are lucky enough to subscribe to my dear friend Neil Patel's mailing list (it's a one-way friendship here), he shares some very insightful knowledge about today's marketing. These two men keep up to date on new developments and share their knowledge with us very generously.

Without Filter Podcast - By PH Cantin (Owner of Upika) & Doum Plante (musician)

Easy to listen to, with relevant discussions and questions, this podcast touches on many diverse subjects. Here are my favorite episodes related to entrepreneurship:

  • Episode 5 with Élisabeth Rioux from Hoaka Swimwear
  • Marc Fitt episode of Rise and North House
  • Episode 45 with Alexandre Champagne
  • Episode 69 with Marilou from Three Times a Day
  • Episode 101 with Julien Haroun from Believe supplements
  • Episode 120 with Sonia Lupien (stress management)
  • Episode 128 with Andréanne Marquis de Womance
  • Episode 142 with Nicolas Duvernois
  • Episode 165 with Geneviève Everell from Sushi at Home
  • Episode 175 with Dominic Dubé from Evive
  • Episode 177 with Victoria Kult from Elles
  • Episode 185 with Marc-André Campagna from Oxio

Chiller at Boulay - By Étienne Boulay, founder of Bugatti Bags and Les Breuvages Apolitiques

The former professional football player receives a variety of guests from different professional spheres and is not afraid to ask the real questions resulting in transparent and authentic discussions with each of them. Among these, several entrepreneurs came to share their journey and their knowledge:

  • Episode 2 with Maïka Desnoyers (work-family balance)
  • Episode 4 with Victoria and Olivier Kult (entrepreneurial couple)
  • Episode 9 with Marco Bérubé (marketing expert)
  • Episode 23 (season 2) with Isabelle Huot (nutritionist and businesswoman)
  • Episode 27 (season 2) with Geneviève Everell
  • Episode 38 - Jessika Dénommée from Pop Underwear

Oh and without forgetting my new discovery podcast Génération Startup - By Flavie Née-Barsalou, founder of the company Milky&Co

The young entrepreneur released her podcast last year. She introduces us to the world of entrepreneurs through her own journey, but also those of her various guests. Critic questions and interesting entrepreneurial stories/anecdotes, you feel less alone when you start listening to Flavie and her guests.

Good listening !

Lincoln & Catherine

July 28, 2022


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