The equation of these 6 reasons explains why (very humbly) we are unique in the market.

Without seams or elastics

Our thongs are completely seamless or elastic, whether at the waist or at the gusset (inner part of the underwear at crotch level). We used laser cutting technology for the edges as well as the “glued” technique for affixing the gusset.

Thus, our underwear (basic model) is completely invisible under any outfit!

Soft and pleasant lace

We have chosen our lace wisely, because we know how cute, yet uncomfortable it can be. It is therefore soft on the skin and it has good elasticity ( extensible in height and width) since it contains 10% elastane.

We have thought of everything! We placed it in the upper part of the underwear for optimal comfort.

The fit

Since we have no seams and no elastic, it can be challenging to create a thong that doesn't move around throughout the day. Luckily, we've designed our underwear to be a little wider than standard in the crotch area so it stays in place no matter how you move throughout the day. Goodbye to the discomfort of replacing your underwear at an inopportune moment!

Premium fabric

Our fabric is soft, elastic, light and durable. It is made of 35% elastane, which is significantly higher than our comparables. The elastane percentage is proportional to the elasticity of the fabric and also provides superior durability to our underwear. In addition to having nice elasticity, we took care to choose a fabric that is extremely soft to the touch.


There's no denying that seamless and invisible underwear is usually quite expensive. One of our objectives is therefore to make this type of product, although so essential for the daily comfort of women, accessible and affordable.

Local company

Seamless underwear is mainly sold by industry giants. We therefore decided to put a Quebec foot in the market.We tried to have our underwear produced in Quebec, but unfortunately we had to do business overseas due to the technology necessary to manufacture this type of product which is not yet available in the Quebec industry . But maybe one day, who knows!

This is why we are modestly different!

Lincoln & Catherine

May 08, 2022


A line of seamless underwear that makes you feel like you're wearing nothing.