We often think we are making the right choice when choosing new underwear. However, we are often quickly disenchanted and disappointed with the comfort, fit and/or quality.

But what are the tips to know to avoid making a mistake when shopping for new panties? Well, here they are, here they are!

  1. Look for a high elastane % (> 20%)

Elas-what? Underwear is often made mostly of nylon. Elastane is the second component whose objective is to provide elasticity and resistance to the fabric. The higher the elastane percentage, the more elastic and resistant the panties will be. The percentage of this component varies greatly on the market. You will find this information on the label. Check before buying!

  1. Panty width at crotch level

We often complain that our underwear shifts throughout the day, which makes us super uncomfortable (especially when we have to put it back on in public... uncomfortable!). It is therefore important to ensure that the base of the panties is wide enough to cover the entire crotch and even a little more. If the front seems as thin as the back… WARNING! Discomfort and uneasiness ahead.

  1. Choosing comfortable lace

Thick, rough lace can become very uncomfortable in the long run. Added to this is the fact that they are often not very elastic. It is once again important to ensure that they contain a good % of elastane (greater than or equal to 10% for lace is a good reference). Additionally, if the lace is not affixed to fabric, it is best if it is placed in strategic locations. Usually, we try to avoid lace directly on the skin on the front-lower part of the panties (you know what I mean…).

  1. Choose a fabric that is neither too thin nor too thick

Fabrics that are too thin will tend to move more during movements, in addition to not being durable in the long term. When you choose a fabric that is too thick, you risk reducing breathability. An average between the two is preferable.

  1. Choosing SEAMLESS underwear

Thanks to the laser cutting technique, it is possible to create completely seamless underwear. There is also the "glued" technique that can be used to attach the gusset (cotton lining at the bottom of the panties) without seams once again. Obviously, seamless underwear is unanimous in terms of comfort, in addition to being invisible under all types of outfits, which adds a touch of elegance! Comfortable and stylish, what more do you want?

Here are our 5 tips to keep in mind when shopping for new underwear. Have you discovered other things over time? Don’t hesitate to share them with us!

Lincoln & Catherine

May 31, 2022


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