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We have great news for you! After a much-demanded wait, our much-loved best-seller, the seamless thong in black, is finally back in stock. This essential basic is designed to provide perfect invisibility under all your outfits, whether it's leggings, a satin dress or any other fitted garment. Find out why this thong is a favorite of so many women and explore the improvements we've made to make it even better.

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An essential basic for your wardrobe

The seamless tanga in black is much more than just a piece of lingerie. It is an essential that combines comfort, discretion and elegance. Thanks to its seamless design, this tanga literally blends under your clothes, avoiding unpleasant marks and guaranteeing an impeccable silhouette. Whether you're wearing activewear, a bodycon dress or fitted pants, this thong stays invisible, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident in all circumstances.

Why our customers love our seamless tanga in black

Our customer reviews speak for themselves. Here are a few reasons why our Seamless Tanga in Black is a must-have choice:

  • Optimal comfort : Thanks to its ingenious design, this tanga adapts perfectly to your body, offering unrivaled comfort from morning until evening. No more worrying about irritation or constant adjustments.
  • Perfect invisibility : The seamless design guarantees total invisibility under your clothes, even the most fitted. You can say goodbye to unsightly marks and enjoy a smooth and elegant silhouette.
  • Versatility : Whether you have a busy day at the office, an intense sports session or an elegant evening, this tanga is your perfect ally for all occasions.
  • Premium Quality : Made with high quality materials, this thong is built to last. Improvements like pre-shrunk cotton and increased stretch demonstrate our commitment to bringing you the best.
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New features and improvements

We listened carefully to your valuable feedback and made some adjustments to make this product even better:

  1. Crotch Widening : Your feedback has allowed us to identify a key area for improvement: the crotch. We have widened this part slightly to ensure that the panties stay in place throughout the day. This modification ensures increased comfort and optimal support, avoiding the inconvenience of constant adjustment.
  2. Use of pre-shrunk cotton : Another major improvement is the fabric at the gusset. To prevent the fabric from wrinkling after washing, we have incorporated pre-shrunk cotton. This innovation allows the initial shape of the tanga to be retained even after several washes, ensuring continued durability and comfort. You can now enjoy your favorite tanga without worrying about shape changes after washing.
  3. Increased elasticity : We have also added an additional 2% elastane to the fabric composition, bringing the total content to 37%. This modification not only improves the elasticity, but also the resistance of the tanga. With increased elasticity, this tanga offers greater freedom of movement and enhanced durability, ensuring you feel comfortable all day long.

The importance of customer feedback

At LICA, we greatly value feedback from our customers. Your opinions and suggestions are essential to allow us to constantly improve our products. The seamless tanga in black is a perfect example of this approach. We have taken your comments into account to make significant improvements that meet your expectations and needs.

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Testimonials from our customers

"I love this tanga! It's truly invisible under my leggings and so comfortable. The improvements make it even better. Thank you!" - Married

"Finally a panty that stays in place all day. The pre-shrunk cotton really makes a difference after several washes." - Sophie

How to wear your seamless tanga in black

The seamless thong in black is incredibly versatile. Here are some outfit ideas that it pairs perfectly with:

  • Under leggings : Ideal for your sports sessions or casual days, the tanga remains invisible under fitted leggings, allowing you to move freely without worrying about visible marks.
  • Under a satin dress : For an elegant evening, wear this tanga under a satin dress for a smooth and refined silhouette.
  • Under fitted pants : At the office or when going out, this tanga is perfect under fitted pants, guaranteeing absolute invisibility and comfort.

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June 19, 2024


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