Why choosing your bra is so important

Choosing a bra is about more than just a question of style. It's a decision that can significantly impact your comfort, your self-confidence, and even your health. Choosing the right bra for your body shape and lifestyle can prevent back pain, skin irritation and keep you feeling good about yourself all day long. A well-fitted bra can also flatter your figure and improve the appearance of your clothes. Let's discover together the different options available to you.

Various styles of bras

The underwired bra

The underwire bra provides additional support with built-in metal or plastic underwires under the cups. Ideal for women with generous curves, it nicely sculpts the chest while ensuring optimal support.

The bra without underwire

Unlike underwired bras, those without underwire offer more flexible and natural support, ideal for an active lifestyle. Made from soft, stretchy fabrics, they hug the shape without compressing the chest.

The padded bra

Padded bras feature stiff cups that maintain the shape and structure of the bra, providing added support and a smooth feel under clothing. Perfect for an impeccable look in all circumstances.

The cupless bra

Non-cushioned bras offer soft, natural support, while allowing the breasts to breathe freely. Comfortable and versatile, they are perfect for everyday use.

The bralette

The bralette is a modern and comfortable alternative to traditional bras. Designed without underwire or rigid cups, it offers supple and natural support, ideal for women looking for a feeling of freedom. The bralette is often made from soft, stretchy fabrics, providing optimal comfort throughout the day. With its different styles and designs, the bralette can be worn as a piece of clothing in its own right or as a discreet piece of lingerie under clothing. It is perfect for active, modern women who prioritize comfort without sacrificing style. Whether for a casual day at home or an outing with friends, the bralette is a must-have in a woman's wardrobe.

Camisole bra

The camisole style bra combines the comfort of a tank top with the support of a bra. Designed with soft cups and often without underwire, it offers light support and optimal comfort. The main feature of this bra is its camisole-like fit, with wide and sometimes adjustable straps that resemble those of a tank top. This style of bra is ideal for women looking for a relaxed and comfortable look, while still enjoying discreet support for their bust. Perfect for wearing under scoop-neck tops or casual outfits, the camisole bra is a versatile and fashionable option for any occasion.

The different shapes of bras

The balcony

The balconette lifts the breasts upwards, creating a rounded and natural neckline. Perfect for low-cut outfits and special occasions where you want to highlight your bust.

The balcony

The bustier

The bustier hugs the bust closely, providing optimal support without straps. Ideal for strapless dresses or strapless tops, it ensures an effortlessly elegant look.

The bustier

The mold

The molded bra is designed with one-piece cups with no visible seams, providing a smooth, even look under clothing. Perfect for an elegant everyday look.

The mold

The plunge

The plunge bra is characterized by a deep neckline which allows you to wear tops with a very low neckline without the bra being visible. Ideal for bold and flirty outfits.

The plunge

The amplifier

The padded bra is designed to give the illusion of fuller breasts with padded or push-up cups. Perfect for women looking for a little extra volume.

The amplifier


The bandeau bra is strapless and offers support thanks to an elastic band at the top of the bra. Perfect for strapless outfits or off-the-shoulder tops.


The basket

The demi bra is characterized by horizontal cups which slightly reveal the top of the breasts. Offering optimal support and an attractive neckline, it is perfect for all occasions.

The basket

The backless

The backless bra is designed with an elastic band that secures around the waist, allowing backless tops to be worn without the bra showing. Perfect for backless dresses or low-cut tops.

The nesting

The full cup bra provides maximum breast coverage, completely enveloping the chest for optimal support. Perfect for women with generous curves.

The minimizer

The minimizer bra is designed to visually reduce the volume of the breasts by distributing the fabric of the cups so as to slightly compress them. Ideal for a clean and discreet look.

The push-up

The push-up bra is equipped with pads that lift and bring the breasts together to create a more generous and shapely neckline. Perfect for special occasions where you want to show off your neckline.

The triangle

The triangle bra features triangle-shaped cups without underwire, offering a casual and comfortable look. Perfect for casual outfits and days when you prioritize comfort.

The triangle

Bras for special occasions

Sports bras

Sports bras provide extra support to minimize bouncing and excessive movement during exercise. Designed with breathable fabrics and elastic bands, they ensure optimal comfort during your training sessions. For high-impact activities like running or jumping rope, opt for bras that feature molded cups and wide straps for maximum support. Low-impact activities, such as yoga or Pilates, can benefit from bralettes or wire-free bras for added comfort and full freedom of movement.

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Bras for pregnancy

Maternity bras adapt to changes in breast size and shape during pregnancy, providing optimal support and increased comfort. Featuring stretchy cups and adjustable straps, they move with your body throughout this special time. Opt for styles without underwire to minimize any pressure on expanding breasts, and look for bras with nursing clips for a smooth transition to breastfeeding after giving birth.

Breastfeeding bras

Nursing bras are specially designed with easy-open cups to allow quick, discreet access while breastfeeding. Comfortable and practical, they facilitate the breastfeeding process for mother and baby. Look for models with cotton-lined cups for optimal comfort, and make sure the nursing clips are easy to operate with one hand for convenient use, especially when juggling your newborn's needs .

In conclusion, choosing the right bra is essential for your comfort, your self-confidence and your daily well-being. By exploring the different options available and taking into account your lifestyle and specific needs, you can find the perfect bra that perfectly matches your expectations. Whether you opt for an underwired bra for optimal support, a bralette for a feeling of freedom or a sports bra for your physical activities, the important thing is to prioritize your comfort and your self-confidence. By taking the time to try on different styles and sizes, you will discover the one that suits you best and will accompany you elegantly on all your adventures. So don't hesitate to explore, experiment and choose the bra that makes you feel good about yourself. After all, nothing is more beautiful than self-confidence, and a perfectly fitting bra can help you find it every day.

March 27, 2024


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