What is a Pop-up Shop?

A pop-up shop is a temporary store that appears for a short time in a specific location. These pop-up stores offer brands the opportunity to connect directly with consumers and showcase their products in innovative ways.

Our experience with pop-up stores

Participation and interactions

Participating in pop-up stores has been an invaluable experience for our business. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in this universe through numerous pop-up stores across Quebec. These events are much more than just selling products; it is a unique opportunity to meet our customers, to interact with them and to create a direct and authentic link.

Put a face on the company

One of the great benefits of pop-up stores is the ability for our customers to put a face to our business. By meeting our team in person, our customers can better understand our passion, dedication and the values ​​that guide our brand.

Discovery of the uniqueness of our fabric

Our fabric is at the heart of our success. It's difficult to showcase all the uniqueness of our fabric online alone. This is why pop-up stores are so valuable to us. Once women touch our fabric, they literally fall in love with its incomparable softness, quality and comfort.

Customer feedback to refine our products

Pop-up stores also give us a platform to gather valuable feedback from our customers. Their feedback allows us to refine our products, make improvements and even develop new products based on demand. This direct interaction with our customers is essential for the evolution and growth of our company.

Financial risk and investment

It is important to emphasize that participating in pop-up stores carries significant financial risk. Between setup costs, rent, travel costs, accommodation and other associated expenses, the investment can be significant. Sometimes, despite all our efforts, the financial benefits may fall short of our expectations.

Customer Experience: An invaluable investment

However, while the financial aspect can be disappointing at times, the overall experience is still incredibly rewarding in many other ways. The real return on investment lies in the valuable connections we create with our customers. These in-person meetings allow us to understand their needs, to communicate with them and to strengthen our relationship of trust. This direct contact with our customers is invaluable and contributes to our long-term customer loyalty.

The reaction of our customers

What makes us most proud is the positive response from our customers when they experience our products in person. The feel of the fabric, the quality of the cut, the feeling of comfort: our seamless underwear is instantly seductive. Women literally fall in love with our products once they try them.

Participation in fashion festivals

In addition to pop-up stores, we also had the opportunity to participate in prestigious fashion festivals such as the MAD Festival and the Montreal Mural Festival . These events were an opportunity for us to gain visibility, meet other industry professionals and create interesting synergies.

Increased visibility and notoriety

Participating in these fashion festivals has given us an exceptional platform to increase our visibility and strengthen our notoriety. By being present alongside other renowned brands and designers, we were able to reach a wider and more targeted audience, which helped introduce our brand and products to potential new customers.

Meetings with other business owners

One of the most rewarding aspects of attending fashion festivals has been the chance to meet other business owners, from all backgrounds and industries. These meetings allowed us to create a real community, where exchange and mutual aid are at the heart of our interactions.

Discussions about our backgrounds and experiences

Sharing our experiences, challenges and successes with other entrepreneurs has been a source of inspiration and motivation. These exchanges allowed us to learn from each other, discover new perspectives and find innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

The importance of customer relations

Of course, our interactions with our customers during these fashion festivals were not left out. Each meeting with our customers allows us to understand their needs, discuss our products and deepen our relationship of trust. These moments are essential to strengthen our reputation and build customer loyalty.

Creating an engaged community

By combining enriching exchanges with other entrepreneurs and authentic interactions with our customers, we have succeeded in creating an engaged community around our brand. This community is our greatest asset and we are proud to see it grow with each event we participate in.

The benefits for our business

Through our participation in pop-up shops and fashion festivals, we have seen a significant increase in our sales, increased brand awareness and rewarding partnerships. These events were essential levers for the development of our company.

Tips for other brands

If you're considering participating in pop-up shops or fashion festivals, here are some tips:

  • Prepare in advance : Plan your participation several months in advance to make sure you have everything in place.
  • Be creative : Take advantage of the opportunity to present your products in an original and captivating way.
  • Interact with your customers : Take the time to chat with your customers, answer their questions and collect their feedback.
  • Collect your customers' emails : During these events, it is crucial to collect your customers' email addresses. Since they often meet many companies at these events, they may forget the details of your brand. By collecting their emails, you ensure that you maintain direct contact with them and inform them of your news, promotions or future events.


Pop-up shops and fashion festivals are fantastic platforms for emerging brands like ours. They allow us to connect directly with our customers, present our products in a unique way and build awareness of our brand. We look forward to participating in new events and continuing to share our passion for seamless underwear!

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April 17, 2024


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