When I launched my LICA W. underwear line, my target customer was busy business women, who don't have time to worry about uncomfortable underwear that might distract them during their working day. However, I am surprised to see that pregnant women and athletes are among the biggest fans of my brand. In this article I will explain why LICA W. underwear is so popular with these two groups.

Among sportswomen
The Seamless Basic model does not appear under leggings and the Seamless Lace model appears little or not at all (depending on the thickness of the fabric). Underwear lace is usually quite thick and rough, which is not the case for LICA lingerie. The fit of the underwear ensures that the panties do not move regardless of the movements performed. In fact, the model has been designed wider at the crotch level, which ensures that the panties stay in place despite the extent of the movements performed.

In pregnant women
The reason pregnant women are fans of LICA W. is that our underwear is specially designed to provide them with maximum comfort. First of all, our underwear does not have elastic at the waist, which avoids unnecessary pressure on the expanding belly. Additionally, our fabric is 360° elastic and supportive, allowing pregnant women to feel comfortable throughout their pregnancy.

Finally, a little advice for pregnant women: take a size larger than your regular size to be comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

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Lincoln & Catherine

September 08, 2022 — Catherine Coreau


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